August 23rd to 25th

Doctoral Consortium

Date: 22 August 2017
Location: SAC Room, J.E Cairnes School, North Campus, NUI Galway.

OpenSym Doctoral Consortium: The OpenSym Doctoral Consortium provides an opportunity for doctoral students to present and develop their research in an interdisciplinary workshop, facilitated by a panel of senior researchers. The Consortium will be action-focused, with an emphasis on conceptualisation, analysis, and visualisation skills and techniques rather than standard presentations. We invite students who feel this kind of experience will serve to progress their dissertation journey to apply for this unique opportunity to share and develop their work with students and staff.

Submissions to be sent via email with the title “OpenSym 2017 Doctoral Consortium Submission” to

Submissions should not exceed 5 pages (in ACM SIGCHI paper format)

  • You write a short exposé on your work not exceeding 5 pages (in ACM SIGCHI paper format) which should contain the following information;(i) stage of Ph.D(ii) statement of research problem/objective

    (iii) summary of closely related prior research

    (iv) research method used or planned

    (v) expected contribution of work.

  • You submit it (as PDF) via email
  • You will be notified of acceptance or rejection on 2107-7-7
    (we do not expect the doctoral symposium to be very selective; we expect to reject primarily submissions that are off-topic or have too little content to allow helpful discussion).
  • If accepted, you should submit a final version of your submission until 2017-07-21, again via email to
  • If accepted, you come and present your topic and work
  • You leave with plenty of good new ideas how to improve your work.